The company's high-quality guitar brand
The company's brand of high quality ukulele

HULA, the famous Jo Kerry Lee brand, is famous for its near exacting material selection and production requirements. Since the establishment of the HULA service, countless fans make the ukulele


Success and happiness within. He also assists countless young people who insist on dreams and praises them. So, we can say that HULA is in the music world,


More than just a guitar brand, it represents an attitude towards music, which is sometimes called "love for music".

Carefully designed for all people who love music, with high quality as the core, committed to creating the kingdom of nobility in the wild and intractable ukulele.


With the high cost performance concept of HULA, HULA guitar becomes the most popular brand for musicians,


Make a contribution to the development of pop music in the world.

HULA translation is Hula meaning, as a brand name to HULA, because the ukulele originated in Hawaii, Hawaii features is hula,


Hope this brand can achieve the brand history of the legendary ukulele, without fear of changing times, always the vitality.

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